ABout kristin


I came from these two amazing people in 1973 in the land of nature, beauty and cheese. I grew up with lots of freedom, animals and adventure - not much TV. So of course I end up breathing smog,  sitting in traffic, working in TV.

Imdb.com (resume link above) and other sites give basic bios on me so hopefully I am not being too redundant. They might mention my Fine Art college days, how I then ended up in LA working as a window washer, a nanny, selling Herbalife..., having very little real idea of what I would do for a life, when I got asked to be in a movie while walking down, I think, Santa Monica Blvd. I was horrible in it but I was also hungry, literally. So I went to acting class and ‘paid my dues.’ And now, 16 years later, I’ve done a lot of TV and a few good movies. Working in TV has suited me, it’s fast paced and shoots in LA so I get to see my loved ones every night, my dogs and cats, and now my husband!

But I don’t want to be too repetitive or formal here with relaying the basic facts of my life. I’d like this site to be more personal. To be a reflection of what makes up my daily thoughts, not just the bullet points of my past. This web world is a platform for moronic courage for sure but also a tool for like mindeds to meet, to learn, and to vent at the least but at my highest imaginings, we could work together for good. Naive maybe, but I prefer to have hope - for all of us to be kinder and more respectful to the innocents, each other, and the beauty of this planet which were a great part of my childhood and still restore my sanity best.

I grew up with horses and chickens and places in northern Wisconsin to visit like a farm, and a cabin on a lake. Places of astounding natural beauty. I feel so lucky. I truly love this Earth. A big part of my energy and thoughts go to the effort to honor and say thank you to the beautiful loving force that gives all life and entrusted Earth to us - I try to do this by paying attention, mainly to what comes in to my house and how it goes out of my house. Everything I buy or touch I wonder where it came from and where it’s going. CURIOSITY and CHOICE are my hallmarks I try to live up to.

The thought that I could, and still am, funding another’s suffering for my momentary pleasure makes me ill. So I try to stop and think before I buy. WE pay every corporations mortgage and salaries. WE have more power than we can know and feel! Everything they do is to get our money. WE CAN literally change the world when we shop, one mascara at a time. They court us, they pursue us! (L’Oreal animal tests big time!)

There are the heroes who fly in after a hurricane,  shoot THE COVE, write THE STORY OF STUFF - I am not one of those heroes as of yet, and most of us aren’t, but I have come to suspect that modern heroism is usually more mundane. We don’t live in the John Wayne era, sadly as he is my favorite of  and reminds me of my Dad, but our era is about the minutiae (my favorite SAT word, means “minute stuff”). God and the Devil are in the details.

There’s SO much we can do that is SO easy. We can carry cloth bags in the car. SO easy.  Buy organic foods that don’t dump 100’s of millions of tons of chemicals in to the soil.

Buy recycled everything, and recycle it again. I saw a landfill once, OMG!

Buy second hand and then take care of it. Cheaper too.

I got a water filter at Costco for $150 and refill my water bottles. Cheaper and healthier anyway. Endless, easy things we can do! We just need to CHOOSE. (see ‘Cool Stuff’ page for best water bottle - $40 a year for great water!)

We miss you Dad.

Most of us don’t want to contribute to cruelty. Most people are caring and nice, and all we need to do to be caring is stop and think before we buy, that’s all, and then reach three inches to the left at the supermarket for the nicer product. To me, that’s modern day heroism. Our ATM cards are Excalibur. VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS!

We all have passion for something, nature may not be it, maybe it’s children, equal rights, or knitting - all passions are needed desperately! I think the time is now to BE our passions.

Sorry to be so damn long winded and preachy! But I really think  as a team we can make this place... better...or at the least - TRY. I hope this was more interesting than just the facts of my past, it really is more me anyway, and I want to try and share that and have hope that life can be kinder...to life.

Probably way too sincerely,

Thanks for ‘listening’,


Abri’s song, Monet, that he wrote for me.