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Really, too much to cover on a website,

but I can give some highlights. This page is really a continuation of my BIO page, as this site is all me, right? So I’ll just keep “banging on,” as my husband says.

I find so much inspiration from life and I keep hearing this quote in my head, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke.

This quote haunts me. Do I do nothing? In this modern day, where it is soooo easy to do something. To give $10, to sign a petition outside the grocery store, to recycle my junk mail. At the very least can’t I just not fund stuff that hurts the things I love, the things that sustain my life, my happiness. I don’t want to find out that I think I am a kind person but that I knowingly support cruel things with my own dollars. I am for BEAUTY and for FREEWILL enduring. I am not for suffering. I am for KINDNESS. That is who I am, who I aim to be anyway, more and more.

I think it might be very important that we PICK A TEAM, or our future may be picked for us by some corporations. So I must find out who the hell my team mates are and help them, and find out who are for the opposite of that, and not help them.

The other team causes less beauty, pain, less trees, more pollution, less oxygen, less open land, bad control, poverty and loss but huge profit - for their stock holders, as they should! But our individual CHOICES are more complicated and more personal as they define who we are. Companies just need to make money by law - our choices actually make up WHO WE ARE.

I have a theory that’s the game here on earth: “CHECK IT OUT AND PICK A TEAM” Then at the end of our lives, we know we lived our own life and not a life by default because we didn’t stop and look. For example; that puppy in the pet store looks so cute! But the life he came from is so mean and his Mommy is still there.

Nike is so F-ing COOL!!! But they support Michael Vick who personally tortured and killed pit bulls by beatings, electrocution, drowning and shooting. I LOVE Nike, BUT I just can’t get behind Team Vick. In fact, I give money to the The Best Friends Sanctuary for rescuing those dogs and giving them a new life of love and kindness. And my life will not be less for wearing New Balance. I mean, who really gives a shit?! (and they’re made in America)

Monsanto, who created Agent Orange, DDT, PCB’s... are also patenting a pig and already own most of our seed supply. NOT GOOD. Food supply should not be owned. The land, sure, the food, I don’t think so. I buy organic because 95% of all corn, (high fructose corn syrup), soy and canola is Genetically Engineered (I.e. seriously f-ed with) and I ain’t gonna be their guinea pig OR pay their mortgage. NOT MY TEAM.

But what you think is what matters for you. Not what I think!

My message is that maybe we could try to find the time to LOOK, to know, and then CHOOSE for ourselves who we are.

Let’s support the groups that are reflective of our own personal beliefs and not support those that aren’t, and then tell people about it. Help each other to know. Find like minded folks and live your life.

Maybe we can help? It’s a theory, but I know we can try. And I know we can do more than nothing.

Much Love,




What you should know

nice things I try to do

  1. 1.Use recycled paper, paper towels, toilet paper...(40% of landfills is paper)

  2. 2.Recycle paper, junk mail, batteries, Compact FLourescents, ink cartridges...just recycle!

  3. 3.Be a guardian to a rescued pet.

  4. 4.Google the companies you give your money to.

  5. 5.Join Tails for Whales with me!

  6. 6.Buy Free Range Organic food (you MUST see “Food Inc.”)

  7. 7.Turn off the lights you aren’t using

  8. 8.LAUGH lots. No one ever died of laughing that wasn’t a toon.

  9. 9.Turn off the (bad) News on TV

  10. 10. Smell the flowers

  11. 11. USE CLOTH BAGS, just keep them in the car.

  12. 12. Buy used. Amazon sells perfect used books, cheaper.

  13. 13. Get a water filter - much cheaper and will cut down the 1.5 million barrels of oil it takes to bottle our water every year.

  14. 14.Compast. 60% of landfills is food waste.

  15. 15.Make your own list and tell people.


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